Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share New Single ‘Starlet’

“Richly melodic New Order-esque guitar patterns and strobe-lit flashbacks that make for pure indie pop catnip”– Pitchfork

“There’s something tangibly different about Letting Up” – Consequence Of Sound

“Infectious melodies” Paste

Over the last few years Letting Up Despite Great Faults have maintained a niche as exponents of dream pop at its most bittersweet. The meticulous drum beats and catchy guitars – the sound for which the band are known – are all present on this new EP.

There is also a new element, a distinct effort to highlight Mike Lee’s stunning vocal delivery. Working with Travis Kennedy for the first time, Lee describes the process “There’s a nice pop sense to his mixing, but I think it’s done tastefully and really highlights the vocals which I’ve never really consciously done before”.

The band have previously been compared to M83 and The Postal Service. There are hints of 80s nostalgia on this EP but there is no question, this band is certainly embracing new sounds. Lee wanted to write a “lively” EP and this is undoubtedly an upbeat release. It’s the kind of record that will satisfy existing fans while garnering new ones.

The band’s decision to release an EP rather than an album is explained by Lee: “With an EP, there’s a little more of an experimental feeling, or a freer approach to songwriting. I hadn’t written anything in maybe a year so I felt like there was a lot of rust to shake off but also I wanted to push myself to do new things. I think an EP was a great mindset for me to explore who I needed to be.”

A previous single was used on cult TV show One Tree Hill and another on 90210. A new sonic direction can be heard here, not least with closing track Armonica. “Armonica is based around the myth that the instrument drives some people “crazy”. It’s incredibly fascinating and there are samples of an armonica throughout the song so take caution when listening” joked Lee.

Formed in L.A. but now residing in Austin, the band plan to tour the U.S, Japan, as well as Europe in the coming months. They will also play SXSW 2017. Alexander Devotion signifies a band with a new-found confidence, trying new things.

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