Simian Ghost announce new album, premiere new track “Last Night”

Simian Ghost announce new self-titled album and tease new cut ‘Last Night’, now premiering on The Independent.

Last Night” is the next single from their self-titled record coming later this year and is as infectious as the Simian Ghost sound gets, mixing the cerebral pop that Scandinavians do better than anyone with a disco freedom that compliments their indie beginnings bringing to mind recent efforts from Arcade Fire. Co-produced by Thomas Hedlund of Phoenix, that influence is carried throughout the track – both stylish and immediate, “Last Night” is another statement of intent from Arnström, and further proof of the band’s versatility in their songwriting.

Having made all their previous recordings at home with minimal equipment and resources, this album will be the first to contain some studio-recorded material and you can feel that leap up in production on all four of the singles so far. ”We’re just a bunch of guys doing stuff at home really”, the band states, ”so in many ways this feels like our debut album all over again. And this time we’re ready.”

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