Introducing Honey Moon: Hear Debut Track ‘(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?’

Pure escapism croon-pop for all to enjoy The 405

Jangle-pop four-piece Honey Moon unveil new single (Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?. Lazy guitars lilt their way through the first half of the tune, accompanied by skittish drums, connect-the-dots bass and vocalist Jack Slater Chandler’s primed falsetto, before an outlandish brass band outro takes the song to the stars.

Self-described as a “60s-styled patchwork of a tune, quilting together a bittersweet tale of romantic longing”, Honey Moon’s is a sound for accompanying coming-of-age-montages in teen b-movies, or a slow coffee sat at the table where the light flickers in the corner of the diner. It’s escapist croon-pop looking back at 50s/60s doo-wop and the birth of Pop in Britain and America with rose tinted glasses. Whether or not the innocence of these ‘simpler times’ truly existed is beside the point, the idealised memory is enough to run counter to the modern day problems facing this generation up close and personal. In this vein, there’s no lofty message nailed on through their music, merely reclamation of ‘the love song’ – technically proficient and lovingly toiled over, but delivered in simple terms.

Strutting around the gig venues of London town for a little while now, Honey Moon have built up worthy buzz followed by invites to perform at Glastonbury Festival and supports with Trudy and The Romance, Fake Laugh and GURR, which has cemented their status as exciting up-and-comers.

Honey Moon are… on the drums, Sam Roux, on the bass and vocals Joey Julliard, on lead guitar and vocals Zach Urch, and on guitar and lead vocals Jack Slater Chandler.


(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special? is now available on Spotify and iTunes.