Celebrating National Album Day

As years go, 1948 was a good one. Not only was the NHS founded, but Columbia Records launched the LP; a format that would come to define the industry standard for albums. Fast forward to 2018 and we are facing a crisis in both. Album sales have halved since 2010 and rarely feature in the national conversation the way that video games and Netflix shows do. So is there still room for the long player in a culture characterised by fast fashion, cherry picking, and episodic attention spans? Of course. As a concept, the album has weathered many format storms (mini disc anyone?) and much in the same way that mixtape culture has evolved into playlisting, will always essentially be the skin we stretch over whatever form is prevalent. Culturally, it remains a vital format. Don’t believe us? Four words: To Pimp A Butterfly.

Needless to say that we at Heist or Hit love music in all its forms, but there is something about collections of songs that we all have an excessive and irrational commitment to. To celebrate National Album Day the office and our artists have each picked out an LP that means something to us.


Pom Pom by Ariel Pink.

“This was one of the first albums of our friendship and a big motivation to delve further into Ariel Pink. ‘Put Your Number In My Own’ was the soundtrack to our second year of uni, and alongside ‘Lipstick’, ‘White Freckles’ and ‘Picture Me Gone’ they’ve formed the basis for much of our music!”

Listen to Pom Pom on Spotify

– – – – –


Everest by Girls in Hawaii.

“I’ve been a passionate fan of this Belgian band since their first album in 2003. The band, who have struggled through tragedies through their career, consistently make fantastic music but at their own pace. Whilst still a relatively unknown band, their 2013 Everest album took  the band’s songwriting to another level.”

Listen to Everest on Spotify

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Thriller by Micheal Jackson

“I think the album Thriller by my boy Michael Joseph Jackson is one that gets me in that rockin’ mood! I think the whole sharp crisp and expert production by THE man Quincy and the mix of timeless tunes and novelty Halloween disco POP Is why it has a special place in my lil heart.  “

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– – – – –


Lesser Matters by The Radio Dept.

“The Radio Dept. have to be one of my favourite artists of all time, and this album means a great deal to me! Full of lo-fi fuzz guitars, spitting drum machines, and heartbreaking melodies, this album perfectly straddles the line between beauty and sadness. As a musician, it taught me a valuable lesson in embracing independence and that sense of ‘doing your own thing’, both in terms of songwriting and recording technique. There’s not an ounce of artifice on this whole album, just a band wearing their heart on their sleeve, and in the process, making a bloody stunner of a record!”

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– – – – –


Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

“Straight up one of the most important albums ever made. If I’m getting married, ‘Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)’ is the first dance. Big up Brian. Big up Tony Asher. Big up The Wrecking Crew. Big up National Album Day!” 

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– – – – –


Endtroducing by DJ Shadow.

“This album is so special to me. I’ve owned it on almost every format and lost it on almost every format. It has ridden shotgun through some of the most momentous occasions of my life. Whatever else I’m listening to, Endtroducing will always permeate. The atmospheres, textures, beats, movements – it’s always such hypnotic listen. It pretty much opened the door for J Dilla too, which speaks volumes for its legacy.”

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