Guest Singer

Introducing Guest Singer: Hear Debut Track ‘New Experience’

The darkness fuelling Guest Singer feels both eerie and intimately familiar… A bold first step – Clash

Guest Singer crafts dark party songs; anti-motivational anthems for the post-truth generation. Motorik kraut-rock, as well as more vibrant 80s synth-soaked influences colour the project, devised by Doncaster’s Jake Cope and comprising Paul Burdett and France Lahmar.

Fixated with the presentation of the self in everyday life, he uses debut single New Experience to riff on pseudo-profound bullshit and the way it’s used as a personality crutch on social media.

“Do you live by the words on the backdrop, of a well shot holiday hotspot?” he scathingly asks with the opening line, curtly interrupting the broadcasts of Instagram influencers with a fresh truth.

Surrounding himself with the arpeggiated decay of vintage synths, Guest Singer teamed up with producer Matt Peel (Eagulls, Pulled Apart By Horses, Menace Beach) to realise a vision that is as rich in its melodic geography as it is pointed in its textural delivery. Capable of moments of incredible grandeur, Jake steers his romantically doomy mentality through a landscape of dusky synth lines and jumpy Will Sergeant-esque guitars.

New Experience is now available on Spotify and iTunes.