Brad Stank Presents... Hank Stankovic

Brad Stank Presents… Hank Stankovic

Hank Stankovic by Brad Stank sees the well-known sexistentialist songwriter cosplay through his dusty-cowboy-raconteur alter ego.

Bourbon on the ranch, full moons, and Grand Ole Opry aspirations haunt the cracks between chord changes as Hank sings for his cowgirl. A rather informal, artist-led release, the EP is akin to a side-project or interlude within the evolution of Brad Stank.

Brad explains: “Locked down and loopy, I found myself drunk one night wearing a cowboy hat and crying, listening to Willie Nelson. I arose the next day, reborn as Hank Stankovic, picked up my guitar and the rest is history. I hope you enjoy the tender wailings of a lonely son of a gun”. 

Throughout the collection, our misfit protagonist roams a Montana of the mind, a half-smoked Marlboro permanently perched on parted lips. A strong, shy, silent herdsman fastened between mustang and myth. Left to ride alone. An outlaw of the heart.  

Hank Stankovic is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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