Hannah's Little Sister Release 'Bin Mouth'

Hannah’s Little Sister Release ‘Bin Mouth’

Ramshackle Liverpool quartet Hannah’s Little Sister spring into life on riotous new single Bin Mouth. The four-piece ooze a sort of sleaze-glam hysteria that holds fans in rapture.

Whip smart with a precarious day-before-deadline-disorder, they channel a wistful brand of romanticised squalor. On the surface, the songs are fully charged with all the juiced voltage of a boisterous school trip, but when the light catches, glassy shimmers of deeply personal experience and social commentary glance the ear.

 Bin Mouth is a vibrant cut that in less than 3 minutes lampoons the bullshit pomposity of others over a coiled spring of distortion and chant-along keyboards. Lead-vocalist Meg Grooters elaborates:

I suppose like a lot of our songs, Bin Mouth is a rant in song form. It’s a song about people who like to chat a lot of rubbish when they should just zip it. I wrote it from the frustration of being in the firing line from a lot of gossip and nonsense spewing – but everyone knows a Bin Mouth, and probably everyone has been a bit of Bin Mouth too. It’s about the litterbugs and chattermugs!

Hannah's Little Sister - Bin Mouth - Single Cover Art

Whilst the dress up couture, sketchball storylines and freakadelic press shots exude fun, the band themselves also view it as a way of sending up the music industry; inflated with self-importance, obsessing over flawlessness:

A lot of what’s kept in the track is just us messing around on the mic. This song is one big laugh and there would have been no other right way to record it than us doing just that for the takes. Even the German line that Nina sings ‘Wofür bist du ein Müllmund für?’ is technically a bit of German nonsense – there was no right translation, so we forced Nina to betray her native language and sing it anyways.


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