Hannah's Little Sister Reveal 'EP.mp3'

Hannah’s Little Sister reveal ‘EP.mp3’

Ramshackle quartet Hannah’s Little Sister release debut EP, EP.mp3. Skittish rhythms teetering on the precipice, psychotic Jack-in-the-box synths and manic, yelped vocals are the chief ingredients of the psychedelic stew – dished out over five chaotic courses.

Opener Bin Mouth sets out a combative stall in this vein; Payday Junkie is a spluttering, fuzz-laden behemoth channelling Pixies-esque loud-and-quiet dynamics. Chew brings together twee-pop and Latin inflected riffage, before aptly named following track Gum is where the 80s-children-show vibes veer seriously off-script, in the best way possible. This clears the decks for colossal closer Anywhere. Instilling a false sense of security with its near saccharine opening, the track proceeds to blast your head-off as it descends into a rehearsal space freak-out.

Whilst the zany visuals, dress up couture, sketchball storylines and freakadelic artwork exude a space cadet vibe, the band themselves are very self-aware, and laser focused on tackling the issues that are important to them. The surreal world they’ve built is used as a way of sending up the music industry, as well as establishment, corporate structures.

Hannah's Little Sister - EP.mp3 - EP Cover Art

We’re encouraged by the Big Boys in power to become addicted to materialistic things and social media, because it’s a great way of keeping us under control as a society that continues to put money in a small number of very rich people’s pockets. 

Whether it’s social media, new trends, cool clothes or whatever, they’re vices pushed upon us that keep us pretty mind numbed and depressed. Yet we cling on to them in the false belief that these things can provide us with greater happiness or status, and help us climb up the socioeconomic ladder.

Much of the EP remind us there’s a difference between what we want and need, and what we’re being told or shown we ought to want or need.

EP.mp3 is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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