Indigo Bay EP Out Now

Indigo Bay Glow ‘After Dark’

Squeezing the last shimmer out of summer, Indigo Bay share their label debut EP After Dark. Grounded in a gravitational field of sun kissed indie pop, the band continually hit that ice-cream headache sweet spot that burrows into the auditory canal, before shaking hands with the rest of the earworms.

It’s a riot of sensory excess dispensed with economy and grace. Sun-blast guitar parts are shaded by darker woodlands of the lyrics, while the bass trampolines from root notes to melodic surplus & rhythms climb with chunky palm mutes, suppressing the sugar rush until choruses detonate.

Vocalist/guitarist Callum Minks says: “I struggle with my mental health, but one thing that gets me through each day is my friends around me. They make sure I get out of bed so I don’t continue to waste my days away sleeping. So, we really wanted to create an EP that encapsulates how tight we are as a group.

As messages go, it’s pretty wholesome. In a climate of heightened mental health awareness, especially male mental health, the tracks encourages the ‘reach out & talk’ messaging that’s so essential to shattering the taboos surrounding toxic masculinity.

After Dark is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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