Introducing: Her's

Introducing: Her’s

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As outsiders from sleepy coastal towns several countries apart, Stephen Fitzpatrick from Barrow in Furness and Norwegian Audun Laading met for the first time in Liverpool as students.

The pair bonded over a love of peculiar, sardonic humour and wide eyed observations. Dream-pop outfit Her’s is the natural extension to the solitary decoding of the cultures they grew up in. “Dorothy” is the first to be released of a collection of 80s indie influenced songs with nods to Orange Juice and the capriciousness of Ariel Pink-ish pop.

“It was one of the first songs we wrote together, but it came together really quick somehow. Steve brought the chords and some ideas for a melody over to mine late one night.  We got a drumbeat going, doused it in delay and I suddenly found myself mashing away at the bass and that was basically it. That was just the way it seemed like it needed to be, It all made sense at the time.” – Her’s

“Start it again? I don’t want to have to do that”; Stephen croons. His booming baritone and despondent manner is particularly distinctive, giving the band a striking aesthetic allied with Audun’s choppy bass lines and a relentless drum machine. An ever-present jangling guitar pours over in sharp contrast denoting a sound which feels deeply personal. Her’s are the closest of idiosyncratic partnerships formed from unlikely of circumstances.

Fittingly, the band have only played a handful of local shows but this first public offering will insure they step out of the shadows and present their unconventionality to the world.

Dorothy will be released on 50 limited edition hand-painted 7” vinyl, released on 6th May.


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