JWestern in Japan

JWestern In Japan

Heist or Hit recently teamed up with P-Vine to crunch together JWestern’s debut and sophomore EPs onto CD & Vinyl for the first time in an exclusive for the Japanese market.

The partnership represents the first time JWestern’s music has been available in a physical format in any territory. The 12” release ties together Just People on side A and Midnight Thoughts on side B, all packaged in exclusive artwork, featuring a heavyweight bronze-gold spine wrap. A limited-edition batch has made its way to UK shores, available exclusively in our shop.

JWestern Japanese Vinyl

Buyers of the CD version will also be treated to a bonus disc of material containing never-released acoustic reworkings of EP tracks. With the Japanese bonus track culture making up an entire suite of exciting and interesting rarities, it’s noteworthy to contribute to this remarkable tradition.

Speaking on the release, JWestern said: “It’s extremely special to be holding a physical version of my music. It’s been a long-held dream of mine and I feel super grateful that it’s happened. Numbers are limited and it won’t be pressed again so it feels even more special for that.

The Just People / Midnight Thoughts (Japan Import) is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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