Pizzagirl Unveils 'Highschool'

Pizzagirl Unveils ‘Highschool’

Pizzagirl has been re-commissioned for ‘season 2′ after wowing audiences with his own unique brand of emotional electro bedroom-pop.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite 80s aping audio-visual auteur will be hitting a network near you soon. The first taste of this new collection is Highschool, and Pizzagirl, or Liam Brown as he is down on the register, is once again beholden to neon synths, cavernous reverb and meaty funkadelic grooves. Hooks hold as true as the wax maintaining his quiff, and relatable emotional pictures are painted with his sparky adolescent lyrics.

Official comment: “Your boy is back and my lunch is packed with some fresh new beat sandwiches ready for us all to snack down! Whether you be a beauty queen, jock or something in-between all are welcome on my bus as we take a trip to the first stop, HIGHSCHOOL“.

From the confines of his bedroom studio (AKA The Beatzzeria) in Liverpool, Pizzagirl’s musical mind wanders through the decades and over the Atlantic. Capturing the wistful, romantic nostalgia and coming-of-age sentiment in classic Brat Pack era film it’s as though Pizzagirl has planted himself as a character in a John Hughes screenplay. Taking his place in the titular highschool, he frets on losing his ‘cool’ and reflecting on moments lost in those sticky hallways.

Season 2 is the follow up to acclaimed debut EP An Extended Play, released at the top of the year. He maintains his flair for channelling through his music and visuals the extroversion of 80s electronica, late 90s internet culture and US East Coast sad-indie introversion, calling to mind the likes of Porches, Clairo or Gus Dapperton on the one hand, and Phil Collins or Janet Jackson on the other.


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