SKIA Surrenders New Single 'Hey Boy'

SKIA Surrenders New Single ‘Hey Boy’

SKIA kicks off 2021 in style with dazzling new Scandi-bob anthem Hey Boy.

Capitalising on a highly successful debut year, the Norwegian innovator’s latest delves further into the influences of contemporaries Robyn, Sigrid and Dagny, yet crucially distinguishes itself in SKIA’s very own alt-pop bubble. Succeeding in producing yet another dancefloor hit, Hey Boy builds on the momentum stored from acclaimed autumn releases Feeling Fine and Pocket from debut EP Apricot.

Showing continual progression with her ever-growing collection of fjord-beat bangers, SKIA reveals: “‘Hey Boy’ is a song about confidence and determination. It’s about having to plough through a lot of doubt, insecurities and uncertainties to reach your dreams. Those doubts and insecurities often come from within, and in many ways this song is talking to doubt itself, saying that if you don’t have anything constructive to add to the situation, you can sit back and zip it. It’s an answer to doubt and disbelief whether it’s coming from society, yourself, or the drunk guy at the party”.

Hey Boy is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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