Sugar Ray Cut Loose By Pizzagirl

‘Sugar Ray’ Cut Loose By Pizzagirl

Underpinned by a purposeful drumbeat, various melody lines entangle in each other effortlessly throughout. Whether they’re delivered by Pizzagirl’s singsong vocals, warm synths or warped guitar, each is more of an earworm than the last. The result is a song that’ll be rattling around your head long after the record static pops. 

Whilst largely following the well-established Pizzagirl playbook – including slightly surreal, observational lyrics that nonetheless pack an emotional punch – the tone-shift to end the song is an evolution. Thrashing cymbals and maxed-out overdrive provide a backdrop for anguished vocals to evoke mid-00s emo. This follows previous singles car freshener aftershave and bullet train, and the album at large in its recourse to aching post-y2k pressure.

The line “If I die before I post” wittily equates the act of status updating as a new generational consciousness; a pithy and subversive reminder that Pizzagirl is more than capable of an almost Wildean turn of phrase. Needless to say, all the lyrical chops audiences have come to expect from Pizzagirl are present on upcoming album Softcore Mourn which is ripe with themes of voyeurism, conspiracy, remoteness and heartbreak. The collection drips with a malaise and disquiet on the one hand, and a fantastical bombastic grit on the other.

Softcore Mourn album pre-order bundles are now available on the Heist or Hit Store.

Sugar Ray is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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