Eades - Abstract Education EP - EP Cover Art



30TH APRIL 2021 | HEIST202 | EP


Across this collection, Eades veer between spiky art-rock, gritty post-punk and buoyant New Wave – all whilst keeping their tongues firmly in cheek. Songs spiral in a maelstrom of chaotic energy, with parts miraculously interlocking to generate an invigorating whole. Like New York Bowery clubrats misreading the instruction manual for British post-punk, their sound is assembled somewhere within the shifting textures of rhythmic convulsions and low-fidelity rawness. Having four songwriters and two producers at their disposal it’s little surprise that the band pack a pluralistic punch, taking in new wave, art-punk, noise-rock, garage rock and 90s alternative. Well-rounded, they channel that rare alchemy of a group with heart, brains, and an ear for a hook. Perhaps some of this sharpness is derived from their DIY approach; all songs are cooked up in the band’s own subterranean Bam Bam Studios.


01       Smoking Hour

02       Present In The Moment

03       Coltrane

04       Laptop’s Glow

05       27 Years

06       Former Warnings Cluster


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