SKIA - Apricot EP - EP Cover Art



1ST MAY 2020 | HEIST165 | EP


Themes of feeling confident yet insecure, being bitter but letting go, growing up and being lost all while feeling good in your own body. This is SKIA. Armed with a collection of audacious fjord-beat bangers, the Norwegian pop innovator medicates her sound with sick beats, glacial synths, and melodic nutrients. SKIA bonds the void between kickdrum and snare via a landscape of tilting synth peaks and bubbling electronica valleys. Backed by a five-piece band, the live show is a like a Pride highlights reel. A randomizer of festival make-up, sequined costumery, cute props, set design and instruments adorned in sparkle. File under #iykyk.


01       Lost

02       Selfish

03       Not Anymore

04       Ferris Wheel

05       IDWTAI

06       Anyone

07       Apricot


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