Dinowalrus - Best Behavior - Album Cover Art



4TH JUNE 2012 | HEIST048 | ALBUM


Drawing heavily on the chemically enhanced beats, bass and organ textures of Britrock, Dinowalrus – hailing from Brooklyn, NY – use a palette of analogue synth, guitar, samplers, drum machine and occasional sax to identify and exploit new crossovers between psychedelic rock and dance music; reopening a strange, fun and vibrant chapter in music history that never quite reached American shores. An experiment in pushing an interest in krautrock, house music, post-punk and psychedelic rock into the most condensed, vocal-driven, danceable, hooky and coherent form possible, it succeeds without losing the unique mad-cap ambience and instrumental playfulness of their earliest material.


01       The Gift Shop

02       Phone Home From The Edge

03       Beth Steel

04       Rico

05       Twenty Seven Club

06       What Now

07       Radical Man

08       Burners

09       Riding Eazy


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