Pizzagirl - Body Biology - Single Cover Art



11TH JULY 2019 | HEIST149 | SINGLE


Taken from the album First Timer.

Pizzagirl, or Liam Brown to give his off-screen name, has fine-tuned his hyperactive DIY-pop to an esoteric art. The result is technicolour debut album ‘First Timer’. It’s a triumph in world-building and split-personality genre jumping that’ll have you bopping, laughing and crying before the closing credits. Introverted in daily life, Liam uses Pizzagirl as a flamboyant alter-ego; the tracks across the album are different costumes for him to wear, reflecting different moods and emotions, expressed as loose vignettes tied together as a complete whole. Sometimes songs are autobiographical to varying degrees, of his own life and sentiments and sometimes they’re entirely fanciful. The outcome is an uncanny but internally coherent alternative reality with Pizzagirl as the off-kilter protagonist. Across 10 tracks he connects the dots between 80s John Hughes soundtracks and the oddball-pop flair David Byrne. The approach exemplifies a typical pop cultural magpie approach of Gen Z’ers.


01       Body Biology


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