Nature TV - Emotion Sickness EP - EP Cover Art



29TH NOVEMBER 2019 | HEIST155 | EP


Straddling the line between indie-pop and psych-rock, door-to-door heartbreak salesman Nature TV run in the same race as nervous energy, whimsical tones and catchy hooks. Tales of struggling to navigate the limitlessness of relationship anxiety are at the fore, acknowledging that even with the benefit of hindsight, uncharted feelings are treacherous to traverse. Sincerity is foremost and bubbles to the surface time after time in these brutally honest appraisals of indecision, water treading and jealousy. Forlorn yacht rock for the masses, the vast landscape of the collection couldn’t be more at odds with its recording environment – a mixture of studios, flats and houses blotted across Brighton and London. Picking his way through the urban sprawl to germinate the melodious flora, lead guitarist, Solo Major, produced. Striding a line between the hazy suburbia of Real Estate and the waterside stillness of Nick Drake, the result is a histotrophic soundtrack of faded relationships, paranoia and heartbreak.


01       She Wants To See You Cry

02       Side Eye

03       Ride & Die

04       Drowning

05       Only One


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