Tungz - Emotional - Single Cover Art



26TH MAY 2021 | HEIST210 | SINGLE


Taken from the EP Why Do Anything?.

Built on tropical beats and funky bass lines, Tungz plunge into the psych-pop whirlpool of subconscious where jazzy palm mutes and climbing twists of modular synth rotate in suspended animation.  The collection exudes an apathy towards mainstream sound. Instead, focusing on a future-funk universe rendered in a microscopic level of detail. Like J-Dilla watching Community with Prince, there exists an infinity of nuance in the shuffles and grooves, composition and structure, beats and set pieces. Luscious vocal runs sucker punch you in the gut and the infectiousness of the tunes could cause many a national lockdown. Transported to a disco wonderland sweeter than broken grapes and inhabited by wooze-pop connoisseurs, Tungz sleek minimalism and clean top lines hypnotize and enchant.


01       Emotional


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