Rapids! - Fragments EP - EP Cover Art



15TH AUGUST 2011 | HEIST030 | EP


Written in the band’s cramped rehearsal space during the Winter of 2010, a claustrophobic ambiance haunts ‘Fragments’. With its gushing honesty and striking maturity, it perfectly soundtracks the daily struggle of life in a sleepy coastal town. The oppressive and stifling banality of the everyday when opportunities are limited and slate grey skies dominate. This is the sound of a band peeling back layers of bouncy math-pop beats and angular guitar hooks, to leave, at its core, a body of work that swirls with deep intensity and primal emotion. Musically, ‘Fragments’ scrapes and slides like tectonic plates between the glistening melodies and raw drive, whilst frontman Matt Holliday emits powerful and heartfelt declarations that leave you feeling like you’re sat in a self-help group with The National’s Matt Berninger taking register.


01       Littleblood

02       House of Sand and Fog

03       Statuesque

04       Comets

05       Nameless / / Faceless

06       Nameless / / Faceless (Bloc Party Remix)


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