JWestern - Just People EP - EP Cover Art



23RD OCTOBER 2020 | HEIST188 | EP


JWestern’s debut collection of tracks brims with a confidence stemming from hours chipping away at his art, secluded in his bedroom, until his embryonic demos were sculpted into fully formed bops-in-waiting. Part indie-adjacent R&B crooner whose soundwaves crash onto the shores of jazz and hip-hop, part mineworker cracking gems at the cliff face of pop, JWestern’s delivery is distinctly British; sardonic asides and northern vernacular dripping from his semi-rap flow. Indebted to a new breed of genreless US artists, he combines both sides of the coin to create a woozy transatlantic sound.  As with this crowd – the themes in the crosshairs for JWestern are close to home – personable, and relatable stories of mistakes and misgivings around your early 20s. Navigating a new scene with increasing responsibility and diminishing leeway. His trademark wavy sound, shimmering guitars and lackadaisical vocals make for an impressive opening statement that all to soon fades into the post-midnight smoke. JWestern’s visit could’ve been seconds, and it could’ve been hours – the EP collectively playing and pulling with both time and emotion.


01       Call You Right Now

02       Weight In Gold

03       Regret It All

04       Check In

05       Let’s Disappear


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