Her's - Low Beam - Single Cover Art



25TH MAY 2018 | HEIST126 | SINGLE


Taken from the album Invitation to Her’s.

One of the most free spirited and inspired indie rock debuts our island has seen for a while, Her’s had seemingly AAA backstage access to styles and eras that made home in their mutant retro-futurist sound. There was always something instantly charismatic about Stephen and Audun which proved pivotal in shooting their jangly, oddball pop into the major leagues. Luminous guitar lines, tremulous dissonant vocals and an arsenal of gorgeous melodies, the collection tilts from rock to bossa nova, surf to garage, 50s ballad to indie classic. Through laughter and art, Her’s take us away from the strife of everyday life and into a world that’s a surreal reflection of our own, built from the detritus of novelty items in junk shops, bargain bin b-movies and late-night cop shows. Under the facade and strange world of characters and humour there lies a deeper undercurrent, this approach is one of the subtle reasons Her’s stand apart and through this vehicle their messages still have the potential to shift perceptions.


01       Low Beam


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