Pizzagirl - Season 2 EP - EP Cover Art



30TH NOVEMBER 2018 | HEIST135 | EP


The steady stream of singles that have stewarded Pizzagirl’s jaunt through the faux 80s filmic universe he’s created, cast him as your shy, sensitive prom king, swinging by to take you out for the retro night of your life. Another clear manifestation of his vision, and the niche space he’s occupying between 80s teen-film nostalgia, 90s dial-up internet culture and the modern meme age, the collection owes as much to Phil Collins and Janet Jackson as it does to fellow purveyors of wide-eyed bedroom-pop, Clairo, Boy Pablo, Gus Dapperton. The emotional season finale in the boxset so far, sees Pizzagirl sprinkle some rose buds on a thrift store sofa, turn on his cable TV set and download the saddest straight to DVD re-run that never made it to air. From the confines of his bedroom studio (AKA The Beatzzeria) in Liverpool, Pizzagirl’s musical mind wanders through the decades and over the Atlantic. Capturing the wistful, romantic reminiscence and coming-of-age sentiment in classic Brat Pack era films it’s as though Pizzagirl has planted himself as a character in a John Hughes screenplay.


01       Body Part

02       Gymnasium

03       Kisses xx

04       Highschool

05       Blossom At My Feet, Flower

06       Call It A Day


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