Brad Stank - Stanky Om - Single Cover Art



6TH MAY 2020 | HEIST171 | SINGLE


Taken from the album Kinky Om.

Brad Stank’s debut will have your quartz leaking with jazz, hip hop, sleaze-lounge, and the blues.

‘Kinky Om’ is a big hit of Sexistentialism! I’m striving to attain this idea of half-sexy, half-spiritual. The title came to me one day and stuck! I’m super into Eastern religion, so of course the ‘Om’ comes from there. It has quite a few meanings depending on what you read, but I’m using it here to mean the ‘sound of the entire universe’, one of the Hindu meanings. The ‘kinky’ came from my persistent desire to attain this sort of half-spiritual, half-sexy vibe that runs throughout all my music. I’m sure a Hindu yogi would say there’s no place for sex if you’re trying to reach God, but I’m running with it and making the idea as beautiful as I can.”

The album also touches on the concept of loss. The tragic death of Her’s (whom Brad was in a band with) is a big theme throughout. While at first it proved difficult to adjust to a world reformatted by bereavement, creativity became somewhat of a spirit guide. Before committing vibrations to wax, Stank entered a self-imposed period of exile; meditating like a guru in the dojo of soul, plotting to remerge with fresh heat.


01       Stanky Om


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