Sea Moya - Twins EP - EP Cover Art



2ND OCTOBER 2015 | HEIST082 | EP


With an almost synthetic approach to their writing, Sea Moya layer and arrange the soundscapes they create. Germany’s ‘beat trio’ meld industrial tinged afro-beats and funk inspired bass lines, playing with the negative space around cuts and pauses in the programming while synths push through stylish yet discordant runs. The inspiration behind the collection was an aural picture: standing in the Himalayas and looking out at huge snowy mountains with deep valleys. Everything is slow. The sense of distance is palpable in the recordings. In this sense, the band created a sandbox or open-world experience where listeners are free to explore whatever sounds they are drawn to on the horizon, making for a rich experience that rewards and encourages repeated plays.


01       Do Things

02       Twins

03       Slow Down

04       Dinosaur Room

05       Golden


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