High Hazels - Weak Sun EP - EP Cover Art



17TH FEBRUARY 2017 | HEIST098 | EP


With an explicitly intoxicating take on indie song craft, High Hazels music has a way of reeling you in, breaking you down and building you back up again. Forever cryptic, songs on this release were guided by melody alone. The band of brothers and childhood friends took a conceptual approach and the results are breathtaking. Songs are laid out in a way that allows for more space. Not to say they’re minimal, more that busy corners have been freed up for ambiance. Basslines sulk and groove, intimately bound to wanderlust. Finding a natural balance between weightless verses and brooding choruses, the group took cues from Scott Walker’s elongated vocals and wanted the lyrics to oppose the feel of the music. There’s no light without darkness, and it’s those delicate moments High Hazels savour and so beautifully construct into song.


01       Joined At The Lip

02       Sequin Eyes

03       Pitch Black Night

04       Blue Morning

05       Wild Waves (Home Demo)


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