Cruush - Wishful Thinker - EP Cover Art



14TH APRIL 2023 | HEIST238 | EP


Debut EP Wishful Thinker is layered in melodies that sounds like a manufacturing error of prettiness. Corrosive. Half-melted. Spewing a destabilizing grunginess. So intense it creates a kind of paralysis. Amber Warren’s darkwave nursery rhymes of dead-eyed dreamstate meet the white-knuckle tension of Arthur Boyd’s elliptical guitar and the result is shoegaze by digital natives. Tones muscular enough to administer compound fractures rage a cold war on the ears. Textures move in and out of phase, pluming for miles, drone-laced and magnificent and are met by Amber’s mournful utterances on toxicity, physiological decline, Narcissistic behaviours and pessimistic tendencies. This collection presents an outpouring of emotion akin to shoegaze, but fit for a doomed generation. 


01       Wishful Thinker

02       Growing Silver

03       Stick In The Mud

04       Features

05       Sombre By The Weekend


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