Cruush Unpack Wishful Thinker

Cruush Unpack ‘Wishful Thinker’

With their debut EP a month old, the band reflect on the writing & recording process song-by-song.

Cruush - Wishful Thinker - EP Cover Art

Wishful Thinker

Drummer Fotis gave this song the working title of ‘frolicking’. According to Dr. Google, it’s defined as ‘merry play; merriment; gaiety’. One of a handful of tracks we have with that fit that sort of vibe. Something you can move around to a bit. Rub ya tummy and pat your head to. It’s a lot of fun to play live, really gives us the chance to move about and loosen up. As you might have guessed, lyrically the track is about being a dreamer. I’m (Amber) always being told my “head is in the clouds”. I’m a chronic day dreamer.

Growing Silver

This track took so long to realise. Two of us loved it, two of us hated it. In different forms, it has been in the live set for a while. Originally, it was too heavy to really lock in with what we were doing. The chorus used to be mega relentless chords, something like Smashing Pumpkins. Adding the gazy top line was the key and brought the song to a place where we were finally happy with it. No disrespect to Smashing Pumpkins, obviously – although starting beef with Billy could be fun? Lyrically, the track explores themes of realising that you have responsibility for your actions and the regret that comes with ignoring advice from others.

Stick in the Mud 

This is our ‘relaxing’ song, A tune you can get lost in at full volume with big, dirty 90s slacker vibes. It has the kind of beat you can whip up meringues or mud pies to. We really wanted to keep it stripped back and non-busy. The power is in its simplicity. In the studio we threw the drums through a cool delay because it was sounding a touch too much like Queen. The words reflect on expiring friendships. No one speaks about the breakdowns of friendships all that often but they can be just as upsetting as relationships in our opinion. 


Our oldest track. Somehow it has miraculously avoided the big ol’ cruush practice room bin. Originally a pretty folk tune of Ambers from the pre-cruush years, it was one of the first two or three songs we worked on as a band, so it holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve retained the dreamy folk element for sure but injected it with some heavier elements. The end section now is just full-on Kevin Shields.

Sombre by the Weekend 

This track came out of messing around in an open tuning, DADDAD. Actually, that was the name of the song for about a year… still is within the band. We only changed the name for the EP to keep it from being confused as a homage to dads everywhere. It quickly became a favourite to play live, the guitar parts are fun and have a lot of movement.  A bittersweet song, its another with that bouncy tempo and feel but with the juxtaposition in lyrics. Again, about expiring friendships, only this time when that demise is for the best.

Wishful Thinker is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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