Tungz Reveal Video For 'Emotional'

Tungz Reveal Video For ‘Emotional’

Throwing light back on 2020’s Why Do Anything? EP, Tungz pull focus on closing track Emotional with a music video that runs the gamut misfortune, misery, friendship and muscle cars.

Treading water in the malaise of suburban domestication, Jamie (guitar/vocals), fails to find the motivation to live his best life until housemate Nicky (keys/vocals) sells his worldly possessions to buy a high-performance luxury automobile. From that point on, they and the rest of the band live for the streets; cruising the watercolour toned nights on the outskirts of cities with nothing to their name but sunglasses and a need for speed. Outlaws of the road.

The band say: “We only knew one thing: it had to be about a car. So we found a car. Everything else pretty much flowed from there.

We wanted to make a movie. We like our other videos, but this time we were really angling for a blockbuster. So we wrote the script and shopped it around, but the big studios just wouldn’t bite. Apparently 6 minutes doesn’t quite cut it for a feature these days. 

There was no other option but to pull it together ourselves. Lights, camera, edit: all in-house at Tungz Productions, with a little help from our friend, Cameron Nicoll. It’s a simple but timeless story, drawing on three fundamental facets of the human condition: sadness, friendship and cars. We worked pretty hard on it, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it for at least as long as it took us to make it.

Emotional is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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