Two Blinks, I Love You Presents EP1

Two Blinks, I Love You Presents ‘ep1’

ep1 is the sound of introspection. Songs recorded in the afterburn of a late-night television binge, mics pressed too close to the instruments so that each twitch and scrape is crystalized.

Emerging from the autofiction of Pizzagirl – where opposing voices and narrative forms clashed and tussled underneath a digital blanket of memes and metronomes – Liam Brown’s new band Two Blinks, I Love You turns the page: embracing the charm of imperfection and the plaintive beauty of not knowing everything.

Liam explains: “The writing has deviated with how live and human I want my songs to feel. Not tied to metronomes or quantised synth arrangements, but to a more ‘present in the moment’ energy.

The collection is one that lingers in the heart and mind, pulling on threads of nostalgia, reflection and hope with all the tasteful authenticity to Elliot Smith, Wilco or Alex G.

ep1 is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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