Introducing Two Blinks, I Love You

Liam Brown Finds Intimacy With Two Blinks, I Love You

Two Blinks, I Love You is the new project from Liverpool-based songwriter Liam Brown, best known for his work as Pizzagirl, where he built zany, aesthetic bedroom-pop worlds across two albums admired fans the world over.

The finely-honed sound calls to mind the wistful off-piste ruminations of Alex G, Yo La Tengo, Snail Mail or Hovvdy, and I Love You is an engagingly simple welcome, as Liam describes: “’I Love You’ is an introduction to the palette of Two Blinks, I Love You. In its most direct sense lyrically and musically, it literally is just a confession of love, and maybe the feelings of confusion and intensity with that realisation. In a good way I think.” 

Liam has moved on from the Pizzagirl moniker feeling he didn’t identify with it any longer. Whilst he looks back on it with fondness, being in his late teens when it launched, and releasing and performing songs written even earlier, it reflected a youthful appetite for aping trending subcultures as costumes and characters for semi-fictionalised stories. A world of memes, shitposts and maximalism deflecting away from his own personality.

Two Blinks, I Love You is naturally more mature in perspective and output, and true to himself; indebted to better self-understanding and grounding as he’s gotten older.

I Love You is out now. Find out more by clicking here.


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